Taking better care of your glassware.

I recently bought this beautiful pair of Tyrone crystal vases. Tyrone Crystal is made in Ireland and is marked with an acid etched mark on the bottom of the base.

The vases were dirty but they were also inexpensive (yahoo!). After a thorough washing, a sad tale was revealed. Someone had chosen to put this beautiful crystal in a dishwasher probably frequently. The result is a cloudy film which covers the entire surface.


You can research the clouding on the internet and they are many suggested remedies. However, several scientific sites clearly state that the glass becomes permanently etched from the combination of dishwasher detergent and high temperature soft water. The metal ions are virtually dissolved from the glass surface.

But why listen to the science? So, I attempted the following internet fixes:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Citric Acid
  3. Toothpaste

First, rubbing with vinegar. Then, soaking in vinegar. Then, citric acid (lemon juice). Finally, white toothpaste which even was the extra whitening kind. Nothing worked. I would add that some of these methods are more for calcium deposits on glass which can be successfully removed.

The Bottom Line? 

Never put good crystal in the dishwasher. You can extend this warning to anything that you value or collect. Good china especially with gold trim to Star Wars glasses.